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    Ok, now i am going to go ahead and post some other rules for this wiki, it is all for the better function of it:

    8 - No Limits Fallacy. Characters can not affect beings drastically ahead of themselves, however note that this is like stated, drastically ahead, for example, Bleach chars would be able to affect 23rd budokai or Saiyan saga chars, however after that it becomes debatable, and obviously Bleach hax would do nothing against Saint Seiya high tiers, This is just an example obviously, but the point is pretty clear.

    9 - Movie validity. Movies in wich the author take part to a considerable extent might be used for feas, however, this should be debated before to establish if the movie is taken into account or not. For example, likely valid m…

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    Rules of the Database

    September 9, 2011 by Aizen sorrow z

    Hello to all, I am Aizen S., as you should know i am the founder of this wikia, ill post the rules to how things will go around here:

    1 - No pixel scaling calcs allowed, unless you can prove the consistancy of the sizes you are scaling, for example, a room is drawn in 100 panels, in 95 of those panels the room and the characters in it have the same size, this would prove that the author was drawing them on scale, making a calc acceptable, however if there is no way to prove the calc is on an accurate scale then it is inadmissible

    2 - Powerscaling is permited as long as the values are sensical, for example, Yamamoto can destroy a city, Ichigo is several times stronger, therefore Ichigo is multi city or Frieza is 4 digits hypersonic, Cell is much…

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