Hello to all, I am Aizen S., as you should know i am the founder of this wikia, ill post the rules to how things will go around here:

1 - No pixel scaling calcs allowed, unless you can prove the consistancy of the sizes you are scaling, for example, a room is drawn in 100 panels, in 95 of those panels the room and the characters in it have the same size, this would prove that the author was drawing them on scale, making a calc acceptable, however if there is no way to prove the calc is on an accurate scale then it is inadmissible

2 - Powerscaling is permited as long as the values are sensical, for example, Yamamoto can destroy a city, Ichigo is several times stronger, therefore Ichigo is multi city or Frieza is 4 digits hypersonic, Cell is much stronger than characters even stronger than Frieza, so Cell is 5 digits hypersonic, however random or overhyped scaling is not permited, example, Kenshiro stopped a train that was going through buildings easily, if he stopped it so easily, he could have stopped a train that went trough mountains if he efforted himself enough!

3 - Should be the first rule since it is essential and obvious, the database goes based on the showings in the serie, so any calcs that are based from numbers shown in the serie are acceptable, so, this proceeds to expand on to rule 4:

4 - Hyperboles. Hyperboles are permited as long as they are determined to be acceptable based on other showings or facts known from the serie, for example, Frieza can easily destroy a planet is acceptable based on powerscaling from inferior characters and the fact that he destroyed a planet in his first form (even if it was off-screen) even Saiyan saga Vegeta being a planet buster is acceptable since Nappa was doing country+ sized explosions with only mid level attacks. However something like Frieza stating "I can destroy the universe!" is unacceptable since there is no precedence to back this claim and is farfetched to assume the boost in his power was so ridiculous without proof.

5 - Reverse hyperboles, in other words, measurements from the serie downgrading a clear feat instead of hyping it, for example, this happens within the serie Kongoh Banchou, where the strength of the protagonist is calced under 50 tons in-story when his showings clearly are above class 100, like lifting a statue docens of meters tall or having more potency in the impact of his fist than the potency the impact of missiles has, what to do in this case? The feats are taken as priority to the undergrading measurements.

6 - Outliners, in other words feats that are shown to be far inconsistant with the rest of the showings of the serie and have no good explanation are taken as outliners and are not permited to be used as valid feats, for example: Roshi busting the moon when King Piccolo could only destroy a few cities or the opposite, a character that can carry a mountain struggling to carry a car would both be outliners.

7 - "Toonforce": a concept used in gag based series, toonforcers who are listed will be ranked upon there feats, for example in a serie where a character stats differ, a character that broke a continent in half with his strength will be accepted as able to perform such action, however this is no reason to assume he can do something drastically bigger if not performed since even "toonforce" based series have limits.

This is all i can think off for now, any suggestion for the rules please post it in the comment and if it is a good idea it will be discussed.

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