Ok, now i am going to go ahead and post some other rules for this wiki, it is all for the better function of it:

8 - No Limits Fallacy. Characters can not affect beings drastically ahead of themselves, however note that this is like stated, drastically ahead, for example, Bleach chars would be able to affect 23rd budokai or Saiyan saga chars, however after that it becomes debatable, and obviously Bleach hax would do nothing against Saint Seiya high tiers, This is just an example obviously, but the point is pretty clear.

9 - Movie validity. Movies in wich the author take part to a considerable extent might be used for feas, however, this should be debated before to establish if the movie is taken into account or not. For example, likely valid movie (OP: Strong World), invalid movies to use (Saint Seiya movies).

10 - Format, profiles have to share a similar format and have at least the essential stats listed.

If some more rules come up ill post them, any suggestions are welcome.

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